10 Selfies You Have to Take in San Diego

Who doesn’t love a selfie? Luckily, San Diego is the perfect place to snap a selfie or two, or three…you get the picture. We’re giving you a look at the best locations to pose around San Diego.

But first, let’s get you ready for your San Diego selfie! You’ll need the perfect clothes for posing (shorts, tees, swimsuits!), sunglasses (of course!), the right footwear (flip flops to show your toes are really touching the sand) and a stylish tote to hold all your beach gear. The place to stock up on all these goodies and get outfitted for the best pics? The Surf Life! They have all the latest styles and best brands – you’ll look and feeling amazing in your photos!

Once you’re dressed to impress, it’ll be time to smile. Here’s that list of places to pose around San Diego:

  1. Give Love, Get Love Mural. Everyone loves an inspirational wall mural for a selfie backdrop! Don’t miss the “Give Love, Get Love” mural at Harvest by The Patio in the East Village. Remember to share the pic and use the hashtag: #HarvestLovesYou
  2. The Kissing Statue. Pucker up! The Kissing Statue, next to the Midway Museum and overlooking San Diego Bay, is huge (it’s 25 feet tall!) and it continues to inspire many smooches. Officially known as “Unconditional Surrender,” it’s a re-creation of the famous embrace and kiss following WWII’s end. All we know is that it’s #kissgoals.
  3. Mission Beach Wall. Show your vacation pride by taking a selfie in front of the Mission Beach wall at Bao Beach. It’s so fun and colorful – your friends back home will be jelly.
  4. Balboa Park – You’re going to need an extra battery pack! This hot spot for selfies has it all – a bubbling fountain, a rose garden, a reflecting pond, bridges, and paths. Don’t forget the architecture in the background like the organ pavilion, botanical building, and cool arches.
  5. Living Walls. How about lush greenery for your selfie? Two local restaurants, The Patio on Lamont and The Patio on Goldfinch, have living walls blooming with greenery. It’s a natural look that’s stunning in selfies.
  6. Coronado Bay Bridge. You don’t have to be on the bridge to get this pic. Instead, shoot your selfie from Tidelands Park, located below the bridge and overlooking San Diego Bay.
  7. Petco Park – Home of the Padres, this ballpark has lots of selfie spots. We especially like posing with the Tony Gwynn statue, and pics in front of the Western Metals building. And hey, if you see the Friar, don’t be shy – he loves mugging for the camera, as long as you tag him on social media. Note: Selfie sticks are not allowed inside Petco Park.
  8. Crystal Pier. Maybe it’s the waves, maybe it’s the wooden beams, but this Pacific Beach photo spot is amazing, especially at sunset.
  9. Hotel Del Coronado. This iconic hotel has a large presence from the beach along Coronado’s shores. You’ll recognize its red roof tiles. So, go ahead, sit in the sand, and smile with “The Del” behind you. Don’t forget a sweet souvenir – you can pick up Andrea’s Truffles at the hotel’s gift shop.
  10. Saska’s. Say cheese outside of Saska’s Steakhouse. The Mission Beach steakhouse, which opened in 1951, has cool architecture, red light-up lettering, and vintage vibes.

Fuel up for your photos with California comfort food!

Get a healthy and delicious lunch at Harvest by The Patio and don’t forget to snap that selfie! Use the hashtag: #HarvestLovesYou